The Gunbower Run established in 1845 – Leased by James H. Rowan and managed by John Hinkins, consisted of 180,000 acres between the Murray River, Yallock and Mount Hope Creek. The eastern end joined Torrumbarry Run at Taylors Creek, to the west the Gunnawarra Run. Directly opposite on the NSW side of the Murray River; Toorangabby and Perricoota Runs.

The Gunbower Run carried 1000 cattle and 1200 sheep. Hundreds of wallaby’s and kangaroos ranged across the Patho Plains. Kangaroo rats (Betong) lived in the rocks at Mount Hope. The Mount Hope Run was 92,280 acres running sheep and Mount Pyramid Run also referred as Tragowel grazed cattle both leases were taken up by Alexander McCullum in 1845.